Krause Youth Center

IMG_1208 (640x480)Krause Youth Center is the only residential option for youth, ages 10 – 18, in our community.  As a shelter and residential program, Krause houses youth who have been removed from their home due to abuse, neglect or out of control behaviors.  Krause offers counseling, social and life skills training and drug and alcohol programming based on individual service plans.  Some youth in this program may also receive Aggression Replacement Training.  When children are removed from their homes, they make more sustainable changes when able to remain in their local community and maintain attachments.  Krause is a local resource helping local kids find success.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I wanted to let my Cray family know how I was doing and to make you proud.  I just completed my Navy Boot Camp and am now at my ‘A’ school in Virginia Beach.  So far on my tests I have scored 80’s and 85’s.  I use my ‘Stop, Think and Act’ very often because there are many temptations down here.  Next week I will pick my orders and find out where I will be going for the next four years.  Thank you for everything you have done for me and everything you have taught me.  You will soon see me proudly wearing my Navy uniform.”  

– C.S. (Krause Youth Center)

Krause Treatment Center Statistics

Of youth receiving services for substance use, 90% showed improvement at discharge.

Of youth receiving services for issues at school, 95% showed improvement at discharge.

Of youth receiving services for conduct problems, 84% showed improvement at discharge.

Of youth receiving services for social skills issues, 84% showed improvement at discharge.

64% of those being treated at Krause during the 2013 fiscal year were positively discharged within the year.

boy“Coming to Cray, I was as stubborn as they got.  I had no intention of letting anyone change my opinion on how I lived my life.  I thought I had it all figured out.  Within a few months, I started to realize that I needed help.  Cray taught me multiple life lessons, whether simple things like doing the laundry or to recognize potential threats.  And no matter what, there was always caring staff who I could turn to.  Although they didn’t always say what a teenager my age wanted to hear, it was EXACTLY what I needed.  Cray was my savior.  They are truly my backbone and have given me the push I needed in my life to get myself together and focus on my future.  I wouldn’t want things any other way.”  -B.M. (Krause Youth Center)


Supervisor Krause Youth Center: Sean Scott

430 Court Street, New Castle, PA 16101