The Independent Living Program

The IL program is provided to any youth who entered the Foster Care system on, or before, their 16th birthday until age 21.  These are youth who don’t have a family helping guide their decision-making as they become adults.  IL is voluntary and provides support and resources in the areas of: employment, education, and housing.  Cray staff may assist these youth with college visits, getting their driver’s license, purchasing a car, finding and keeping jobs, balancing their checkbook, getting an apartment, etc.

Transitional Apartment Program

As part of the IL program, TAP helps set youth up with a fully furnished apartment and weekly check-ins with Cray’s IL Coordinator.  Cray is serving in a highly supportive role, one-on-one with youth, to give them the opportunity and successfully live independently.


The following link highlights one of Cray’s former IL students who has found lots of success and overcome many challenges!  We are very proud of Ciarra!

Former IL Student, Ciarra Karnes


iStock_000013630840_Small“I am a former “Crayon” and I can’t tell you how much Cray Youth and Family Services helped me in my childhood years, as well as my adult years!  I was in the Cray houses for 4 years and in the Independent Living houses for 2.  Cray and all the staff helped me prepare for all of life’s ups and downs!  They helped me finish high school, 5th in my class, and got into my dream college, Penn State.  I am now a thriving, independent, and strong young adult!  None of which would be possible without the uconditional (sometimes annoying) love of the amazing Cray employees.  I know in any situation I come across, all of my Cray FAMILY would go above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of.  Growing up with the life I had previously, I can’t tell you how important it is to have that stability.  I will forever be a “CRAYON”!


Independent Living Coordinator: Mariann Lillibridge

44 South Beaver Street, New Castle, PA 16101