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Cray Youth and Family Services, Inc.

Cray’s Main Office: 44 South Beaver St. New Castle, PA 16101

Cray began as a Boy’s Group Home in 1984.  For the last 30 years, the expansion and initation of programming has aimed to meet the needs of children and families who are struggling in the Lawrence County community.  Cray’s programming serves children and youth who are neglected, abused, delinquent, have a mental health diagnosis and fail to comply with public school expectations and those whose circumstances place them at risk for developing these behaviors. We also work with parents whose children are at risk for out-of-home placement or are working on reintegrating a child back into the home. In addition to a wide portfolio of educational, therapeutic and treatment programs, Cray administers a youth residential living facility.  We offer a variety of services to children and youth who have become victims of struggling families and deteriorating communities, in hopes that they will become productive members of society.  All children have the right to grow and develop to their full potential and although eliminating the need for our services by raising healthy children is our ultimate goal, providing help and healing to those who have had their hearts and spirits broken due to abuse and neglect is a critical component to strengthening our community and making life better for those children.

While traditional programming continues to evolve and provide care for youth, budget cuts and the inability to keep up with the increasing and urgent demand for services has led Cray to find creative, proactive solutions for building healthier communities and healthier kids.  Preventative efforts like 1-2-1 Mentoring and The Confluence seek to address the underlying issues of our struggling community.  Through positive mentors, a gathering spot in town, and strategies to build relationships, Cray is trying to foster the ingredients of a healthier community.  Kids who are suffering and receiving Cray services are a symptom of a community that is also suffering. The social and economic conditions that have created this multitude of broken-spirited children must also be addressed if the cycle is to be broken.  As Cray transforms for the future, we aim to be a catalyst for community transformation that significantly improves the current perception and actual quality of life in Lawrence County.

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44 South Beaver St., New Castle, PA 16101
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