Foster Care

fewgoodfamiliesCray’s Foster Care services provide safe and nurturing homes for children (infants through age 17) who have been removed from their home due to parental abuse, neglect or a lack of parental control.  Children in need of substitute care are referred through the Lawrence County Children and Youth Services agency.  Cray serves as the connector to safe homes and quality care for these children and youth.

We are always looking for families who are willing to open their homes and their hearts to children who have been removed from their own families. As you might expect, despite the chaos and pain of their home situations, removal from their families is often jarring for these children. Being able to stay with foster families in the familiar surroundings of their home community makes this difficult time a little less hard. For many of these children, being able to attend their same schools, see their friends, and even go to stores they know makes a huge difference.  If you or someone you know might be interested in serving as a Foster Home, we are always looking for a few good families.

 60% of foster care children were discharged to permanent homes (2013)

13% chose to leave foster care after turning 18 (2013)

100% of foster care children maintained a C average or higher & 32% made the Honor Roll (2013)


Director of Foster Care:  Sheena Carchedi 

44 South Beaver St., New Castle, PA 16101