Class is in Session at the Compass Program

Class is back in session with the Compass Program.  The students are progressing very well with their academics and behaviors thus far into the school year.  Their effort and participation in the core subjects has been noteworthy.  The students recently completed biology projects concerning the topics of pH levels, and the food chain.  The fortunate weather […]

The KIP Program

The Krause Youth Center houses our KIP program (Krause Intensive Program), which is a 90 day initial placement program.  Currently there are six children in the KIP program.  Kids in the program attend public schools, earn free time, participate in local activities and have the opportunity to gain employment in the community.

From Independent Living to Penn State

Independent Living services are provided to youth who have entered the Foster Care system after their 16th birthday.  It’s a voluntary program and provides support and resources in employment, education, and housing.  Cray serves as a support for youth as they age and can’t or don’t have the traditional home life to support and guide […]

Cray Youth and Family Services Celebrates 30 Years

Over 100 current and former employees, foster parents, board members, and friends gathered on September 19th to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Cray! The event was held at The Confluence and was a celebration in recognition of our long-standing efforts to “make life better for kids”. Cray began as a boy’s group home in 1984 under […]